Where is onlinemeats meat sourced from?

We have tied up with various farms we source our breed that will meet our quality standards from those farms. We closely work with them and hand picks the breed. All our lamb is free range and grass fed.

How your Meat is Fresh?

We at onlinemeats operate only against orders. We do not store anything so as our Meat is fresh, Tender & Juicy.

Is it a Frozen Meat?

All the meat is the Fresh meat processed from the same day. We don’t maintain inventory and sell next day.

We process and sell only Fresh Chicken and mutton to ensure our customers are getting the quality they deserve.

Is your meat Halal?

Yes, we follow Halal Standards and all our Meat products are 100% Halal.

Why is the Meat expensive?

Our Meat is not expensive – our products are priced very judiciously.

Where we can buy your products?

You can order online at www.onlinemeats.in